Lose pounds, regulate your blood sugar and take inches off your waistline

Yacon Syrup – Nature’s “Metabolism Game Changer”

So many people really want to lose weight but find themselves stuck in a dieting rut, frustrated that they’re not shedding the pounds and getting the body they really want.

Does this sound like you? Well, here’s the news: there’s a diet product currently causing a huge internet buzz that could give your weight-loss program the boost it needs.

Yacon syrup can help you lose weight naturally — and you don’t need extra supplements or pills.

The natural wonders of Yacon root syrup have been helping overweight people for generations, and you can easily make it a part of your regular diet today.

Yacon syrup naturally supports good digestion and also addresses blood-sugar imbalances. When Dr Oz carried out a study into the effects of yacon syrup on women, the results were pretty convincing.

If you’re overweight and your current meal plan is lacking in fiber, yacon syrup could be the answer to your dieting prayers.

Yacon syrup, naturally low in calories, helps feed the “good” bacteria in your colon. These are the bacteria that help you to maintain a healthy weight. Yacon syrup may also regulate your appetite and help you control food cravings, as well as battling high cholesterol. Studies also suggest yacon extract may even go some way towards halting the progression of osteoporosis.

Wow. Those are pretty amazing claims. But what is yacon anyways?

Yacon is a plant that grows in the Andes. It’s related to the sunflower. Yacon has been part of the local diet for centuries; the Incas knew that its low-sugar, low-calorie properties were good for their health. Around Sound America, those with diabetes and digestive problems have been helped by yacon root for years.

Yacon has tuberous roots; from these roots a sweetening agent can be extracted, and this most commonly takes two forms: yacon extract powder and yacon syrup.

Yacon syrup has a similar consistency to molasses and tastes a bit like raisins. It’s really low in calories (around 20 calories in a tablespoon) and it’s simple to add this wonder to your everyday diet.

Okay then, how does yacon syrup work?

In yacon extract syrup you’ll find a high concentration of prebiotics. Prebiotics are the food ingredients that you don’t digest; they are resistant to being broken down by the enzymes in your gut. Instead, prebiotics stimulate the growth of “good” bacteria in your intestines. The prebiotics in yacon syrup include two types of fructan: inulin, a low GI carbohydrate that’s also a soluble fiber, and fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

Fructans are believed to help reduce digestive allergies and boost your immune system.

FOS are naturally occurring sugars found in a variety of plants, and the concentration of FOS in yacon syrup is especially high. FOS are soluble fiber too, so they can help you beat constipation.

Studies have shown that FOS found in yacon can change the way your body produces some of the peptides found in your intestines. These peptides help moderate insulin levels, which affect how much you eat. Plus, yacon is thought to lower levels of a hormone called ghrelin, aka the “hunger hormone”. So yacon can help control your appetite; it can curb food cravings.

The FOS in yacon feed “good” bacteria including lactobacillus and bifidus, which may boost your body’s immunity. Increasing the levels of these “skinny” bacteria could help you keep your weight at healthy levels by speeding up your metabolism. But what the good bacteria also do is turn the FOS into something called “short-chain fatty acids”, which can inhibit your liver synthesising cholesterol and also enhance tissue sensitivity to insulin.

What’s more, it’s also been found that adding yacon to your diet may also help your body to absorb certain dietary minerals. Its effects on calcium may even help to increase bone density.

So yacon syrup could benefit people with diabetes and also reduce cholesterol levels.

So how do you take yacon syrup?

Yacon root syrup can easily be integrated into your diet. You can have a teaspoon before (or with) your main meals every day. You can use it where you’d normally use sugar, like in coffee. You can cook with it – use it instead of molasses in glazes for meat, or pop some into a salad dressing. You can also bake with it, although it’s important to mention that if yacon syrup is heated to very high temperatures, this might compromise some of its benefits.

Do be careful, though; we know yacon extract contains soluble fiber that can counteract constipation, so bear in mind you’ll probably increase the number of bowel movements you regularly make.

However a much easier way to get all the benefits of Yacon without the hassle is to take a Yacon Syrup capsule.  This guarantees you are taking the correct amount everyday without having to try and incorporate this new ingredient into your recipes – who has time for that!?

Have any studies been carried out into yacon?

Two scientific studies into the benefits of yacon extract are frequently referenced.

In 2009, Clinical Nutrition published the results of an Argentinian clinical trial in which a group of obese women took 3-4 teaspoons of yacon syrup each day for a 120-day period.

The women also slightly reduced the number of calories they consumed and took a 45-minute walk twice a week. A control group, which did not take yacon, saw no significant changes to their bodies. However, those who took yacon syrup lost an average of four inches from their waists and 33 pounds in weight. These women also saw the frequency of their bowel movements increase and noticed a drop in “bad” cholesterol.

More recently, Dr Oz conducted his own study, in which 60 women made no changes to their regular diet or exercise regimens but consumed one teaspoon of yacon syrup either before or alongside their three daily meals for four weeks.

Two-thirds of the women successfully completed the trial. These 40 women lost 153 pounds between them. The average weight loss was 2.9 pounds, and 14 women lost five or more pounds. Also, the average change in waist size was -1.9 inches.

So let’s recap: yacon extract syrup is a natural weight-loss aid that can benefit you inside, by regulating your food intake and blood sugar, and outside by helping you lose inches from your waist.

  • Yacon extract is natural, and fits into your regular diet.
  • Yacon root can help lower levels of “bad” cholesterol.
  • Yacon syrup can boost your immune system.
  • Yacon root syrup can increase your bowel movements.


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